Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby”s identity revealed?

Paul McCartney hints at the song's inspiration's identity

Paul McCartney has revealed the identity of the woman who inspired The Beatles‘ 1966 song ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

McCartney donated a hospital accounts log from Liverpool‘s City Hospital to the Sunbeam Trust charity, which revealed that an E. Rigby was a scullery maid who worked at the hospital.

McCartney had previously suggested that he came up with the name Eleanor for use in the song because of The Beatles‘ association with actress Eleanor Bron, who appeared in their film ‘Help!’.

However, the document, along with the discovery of a grave marked Eleanor Rigby in Peter’s Parish in the Woolton area of Liverpool in the 1980s, has caused some to suggest that Rigby may have been a real person known to McCartney, who wrote the song.

If so, the non-dated document is thought to be the only known signature of Rigby‘s in existence.

The document, which McCartney donated to the Sunbeam Trust, will be auctioned at London‘s Idea Generation Gallery on November 27.