‘Hey Jude’ voted UK’s favourite Beatles Number One by ITV viewers

'The Nation's Favourite Beatles Number One' aired last night (November 11)

ITV viewers have voted for ‘Hey Jude’ as the UK’s favourite Number One by The Beatles.

Last night (November 11), the station broadcast The Nation’s Favourite Beatles Number One, a rundown of results from a poll to determine which of the band’s 17 Number One singles is the most loved.

‘Hey Jude’ finished in the top spot ahead of ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Let It Be’. Noel Gallagher was among the talking heads on the show and talked about the change in sound from The Beatles early period to the time they were recording ‘Hey Jude’.


“To go from ‘Love Me Do’ to ‘Hey Jude’ in seven-and-a-bit years is staggering,” he said. “I’ve had holidays longer than that, do you know what I mean?”

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson added, “If you don’t join in [with the chorus], there’s something wrong with you.”

The top five songs in the list were:

1. ‘Hey Jude’
2. ‘Yesterday’
3. ‘Let It Be’
4. ‘Eleanor Rigby’
5. ‘All You Need Is Love’

Meanwhile, Andy White, a session musician who played drums on some of The Beatles‘ earliest tracks, passed away earlier this week.

The Scottish drummer appeared on the US release of 1962’s ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘PS I Love You’ and is also thought to have played on the album version of ‘Please Please Me’.


BBC News reports that White on Monday (November 9) in New Jersey after suffering a stroke. Speaking to the BBC, White’s family have paid tribute to his “amazing humility and humbleness about his many achievements”.

As well as playing with The Beatles, White also provided drums for Tom Jones‘ 1965 single ‘It’s Not Unusual’ and Lulu‘s 1964 cover of ‘Shout’.