A fan who found the stash at an Aussie fleamarket looks like being quids in...

A BEATLES fan has stumbled across a lost stash of memorabilia which could prove priceless.

According to Billboard, Fraser Claughton, from Kent, came across the unlikely haul at a flea market in Australia while visiting a friend. Experts are already predicting that the cache – which includes studio tapes, documents relating to them and hundreds of photographs – could fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds.

However, if the tapes turn out to be unheard Beatles recordings, their value could be astronomical. Experts have yet to examine the tapes, which came in sealed Abbey Road containers and were marked ‘not for use’.

Houghton described finding the stash as “finding the end of the rainbow in Australia. Now I’ve been told that to collectors, the photographs, books, magazines and documents alone are worth a fortune”.