A site is auctioning what it claims is a tape of five songs the Fab Four recorded at a session in LA in '76...

Mystery surrounds an Internet auction site which claims to have proof that THE BEATLES reunited in 1976 for a recording session in LOS ANGELES.

The website is auctioning a recordings list and tape of five songs that the Fab Four allegedly recorded on November 2 at Davlen Studios. It is also claimed that the session ended with the band storming out of the session.

A statement on said: “The names of the songs as listed on the Davlen Studios label are as follows: 1.’Happy Feeling’ 2.’Back Home’ 3.’Rockin Once Again’ 4.’People Of The Third World’ 5.’Little Girl’.


It adds: “In addition to the four Beatles, George Martin was also allegedly present, Len Kovner, former co-owner of Davlen Studios, can independently confirm all of the above, as can the engineers who were then present.”

However say that the tape, which is present in the case, was bulk erased by request of The Beatles in order to keep the knowledge of the session secret.

An unerased version of the tape is rumoured to exist in the vaults of the legendary studio, Abbey Road.

However, a spokesman for [a][/a] said: “What reunion was that? I am not aware of any Beatles reunion in the 70s.”