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‘REVOLVER’ has been voted the greatest Beatles

album of all time by readers of NME ORIGINALS , with critics darling ‘SGT PEPPER’ kept in a lowly fourth place.

In a surprising outcome the Internet only vote revealed that 35.3% of voters chose ‘Revolver’ over all other albums – over 14 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival ‘Abbey Road’ which achieved 21.1% of the vote.

The full top ten is:

1. ‘Revolver’ (35.3%)

2. ‘Abbey Road’ (21.1%)

3. ‘The White Album’ (19.2%)

4. ‘Sgt. Pepper’ (8.3%)

5. ‘Rubber Soul’ (7.5%)

6. ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1.9%)

7. ‘Help’ (1.5%)

8. ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ (1.5%)

9. ‘Yellow Submarine’ (1.1%)

10. ‘Please Please Me’ (0.8%)

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