Over 500 tapes from the long-lost 'Get Back' sessions are seized in police raids...

Police have seized 500 tapes of original BEATLES material which they describe as “priceless” after raids on suspected musicpirates in LONDON and the NETHERLANDS.

The tapes, which contain what is known as the ‘Get Back’ sessions, have only been heard as bootlegs before. The tapes are understood to contain material recorded in 1969 that was originally intended for an album of the same name, but the album was shelved and some of the songs were included in the ‘Let It Be’ album instead, including ‘Get Back’ itself.

Six people were arrested in the raids, which were carried out after investigations by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and the central detective unit of the City of London Police, according to


Other items from The Beatles‘ record company Apple were also recovered.

The investigation into the tapes, which were stolen in the 1970’s, spread across Europe, resulting in arrests in West London and a town close to Amsterdam today (January 10).

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