The vicar at St Peter's Church in Woolton, Liverpool says a committee is currently determining its worth...

The stage on which JOHN LENNON and PAUL MCCARTNEY first met could be sold off to pay for renovations to the church that houses it.

The vicar at St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool, Canon John Roberts, says a church committee is now attempting to establish just how much the structure is worth.

“When I see what they sold John Lennon‘s guitar for, and the original church fete programme went at Sotheby’s for thousands of pounds… If people are stupid enough to buy them for that amount then we have a … obligation to consider selling them.”

The church intends to use the cash to pay for a new lobby.

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, a recent report to Liverpool City Council’s planning committee concluded that the stage had no architectural merit and did not contribute to the original character of the building.

Lennon was on the stage on July 6, 1957 with his band The Quarrymen when McCartney joined him to work through ’20 Flight Rock’.