Neither the 'Hey Jude' piano nor the stage of St Peter's Church Hall, Woolton met its reserve...

An auction of BEATLES memorabilia, including the piano used on the recording of ‘HEY JUDE’, failed to capture public imagination last night (November 27) when no major items were sold.

Unlike last year’s auction at Bill Wyman’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ restaurant, when John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ piano went for £1.45 million, last night none of the main pieces met their reserve. The piano was expected to go for up to £160,000, and the stage from St Peter’s Church Hall in Woolton, where Paul met John for the first time, had been expected to sell for £50,000.

One of the only items that did go was a film of private footage of John and Yoko taken at their home in 1968, which was sold for £8,000.