The 1964 confab was bought for $5 at a market in California earlier this year...

A rare recorded chat between THE BEATLES and the BEACH BOYS is expected to sell for around £5,000 in an online auction this week.

The conversation, recorded onto acetate in 1964, was bought for $5 at a market in California earlier this year. On the recording, Beach Boy

Brian Wilson is heard joking with John Lennon about The Beatles hair and clothes. They also discuss The Beatles untitled forthcoming film. The film would become ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.


The recordings were made during a simultaneous telephone interview with the two bands as promotion for a Hollywood event.

“It’s interesting because the interview was recorded at the height of their fame, and The Beatles

and the Beach Boys

were big mutual fans of each other’s music, as different as they were,” said Mr Gioia, of auctioneers Collectors Universe Inc. told the BBC. “It’s fun to listen to, it’s a real stitch,” he added.

A fan spotted the record with its typewritten label in a box at a flea market in Newport Beach near Los Angeles. The auction closes tomorrow (November 14). Fans can make their bid at www.collectors.combr>