The spiritual home of The Beatles set to become a chain of venues across the world...

Plans are underway to replicate LIVERPOOL’s infamous CAVERN CLUB, the spiritual home of THE BEATLES, in a global chain of venues across the world.

The Cavern Club – famously the site where The Beatles played over 300 shows from 1961 – will be recreated in Adelaide, Sao Paulo, Rio, Marbella, Miami and New York if work by club owners goes according to plan.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo newspaper, chairman Bill Heckle said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the name of The Beatles and the Cavern Club around the world. We are also talking about bands from Liverpool going on tour to all the new venues.””

The original Cavern Club was closed in 1973 and reopened in 1984. The club has hosted hundreds of Beatles-inspired events, including an exclusive gig by Paul McCartney in 2001.