'Thinking Of Linking' will be available on the 'Anthology' DVD...

A track written by

Paul McCartney

when he was just 16 is to be among the songs included on a new DVD of a secret final BEATLES reunion.


‘Thinking Of Linking’ is one of five songs that he, Ringo Starr and George Harrison played during the mid-Nineties jam.

Now footage of the private gathering will be seen for the first time on a new DVD to be released on March 31.

Three of the songs were recorded in a studio at the late Harrison’s Friar Park studios at his home in Henley-On-Thames, reports ananova.

A further two – Jack Yellen and Milton Ager’s ‘Ain’t She Sweet’ and Jimmy Reed’s ‘Baby What You Want Me To Do’ – were recorded sitting on the grass in the sunshine with Harrison and Paul McCartney on ukuleles and Starr slapping his thighs.

Beatles fans have been aware about the existence of the footage since it was taken while the trio worked on the Beatles ‘Anthology’ CDs and TV series.

But apart from brief snippets, most has never been seen until now. It has been added to the DVD version of ‘Anthology’ – tracing the band’s history – which includes 81 minutes of extra footage.


Paul McCartney wrote ‘Thinking Of Linking’ in the front parlour of his home in Forthlin Road. It was written at the same time as early Beatles classic ‘I’ll Follow The Sun’.

Despite often resorting to the song in the recording studio, including the ‘Abbey Road’ sessions in 1969, it was never issued.