The Oscar-nominated star gets in some preperation as he gets set to play Brian Epstein in a movie...

Actor JUDE LAW is already preparing for his film role as legendary The Beatles manager BRIAN EPSTEIN by researching a set of his journals.

For years the Oscar-nominated star has been fascinated by the pop impresario, who died in mysterious circumstances at the height of Beatlemania in 1967 aged 32. Now Law has purchased a set of the svengali’s journals from an auction.

He said: “They run from when he was 15 until he was 27, with sketches and odd little notes – very funny. He was quite a personality.”


A representative for the surviving Beatles said both Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would welcome the forthcoming film.

McCartney’s spokesperson Geoff Baker said: “Paul has said if anyone was the fifth Beatle it was Brian Epstein.

“I am sure he and Ringo would welcome this film. There is a whole generation of Beatles

fans who do not know about Brian and the role he played.”