The unnamed owner bought them for just a few pounds on a

Handwritten lyrics to Beatles’ ‘HEY JUDE’ may be sold for up to £80,000 – despite being bought for just a few pounds from a market stall.

The lyrics, originally bought on London’s Portabello Road, cost only a nominal amount when they were sold in 1971.

Now, an unnamed owner has put the piece of paper, which features 19 lines from the song in Paul McCartney‘s hand, up for auction as part of a pop memorabilia sale at the Christie’s Auction House.


A spokesperson for Christie’s told the London Evening Standard newspaper: “In 1971 it would have been a bit like buying a signed photo. It’s exciting to offer a piece of pop history.”

The lyrics don’t include the entire song, instead omitting the last six lines. However, the spokesperson maintained that made the item “intriguing”.

She continued: “It is intriguing to speculate why this is missing. It suggests Paul McCartney may have had trouble at this point of the song’s genesis.”

The auction will take place on April 30 at 2pm at the South Kensington branch of the auctioneers.

As reported earlier, Paul McCartney is in the process of lining-up tour dates in the US and Europe for later in the year, in support of his current solo album ‘Driving Rain’.