After the success of '1', Ringo Starr says there are "a couple of projects" in the pipeline...

The surviving BEATLES are considering releasing another Greatest Hits package after the phenomenal success of ‘1’.

Speaking during a TV interview in the US, Ringo Starr said there are “a couple of projects” in the pipeline, and revealed that the plans would begin to take shape in October.

He stated: “Nothing will be out until next year and we’re all going to meet up again in October and finalise what it will be. I mean, everybody wants the Number Twos.”

He also took the opportunity to allay fears over George Harrison’s health, saying the reports that he was close to death had not panicked him. “I saw George three weeks ago and he was fine. If it had been bad, he would have told me… The news is real when either Paul or George calls me and says ‘This is what it is’.”