The remaining members of the Fab Four tell their own story in forthcoming autobiography of the band...

Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the three remaining BEATLES, are to publish an autobiographical account of their time in the band in a bid to right countless inaccuracies that have been written about them over the years.

‘The Beatles Anthology’ will appear on October 5, and though costing #50 is expected to sell around 20 million copies worldwide. To be translated into dozens of languages, the hardback tome will contain 1,200 mostly unpublished photographs and be the size of an Encyclopedia Britannica.

The trio are said to have spent six years collecting their thoughts and amongst the revelations to be unearthed is the news that it was John Lennon and not McCartney who precipitated the Fab Four‘s demise.


The Sunday Telegraph (April 2) reports that at a meeting on London’s Saville Row’ in April 1970 McCartney stated he wanted to take the Beatles back to playing live in small venues because (in one of the 20th Century’s greatest pieces of understatement) he thought they were still a “great little band”.

It was then that Lennon declared he was leaving. The role Lennon‘s relationship with Yoko Ono had on the decision will also be examined in depth.

Geoff Baker, McCartney spokesperson, said the volume was “the last word” on the Beatles.

“It’s the truth, the complete truth,” he told “It’s the whole band who have put this together. It’s wasn’t just at Paul‘s insistence as as has been reported elsewhere, but all of them, including Yoko (Ono, Lennon’s widow). She’s one of the four heads, if you like, and was consulted widely. Nothing has been left out, except the bollocks.”

The book will also reveal that the clamouring for a Beatles reunion reached its height in 1996 when the band were offered #113 million to reform for a series of dates.

The anthology will net considerably more. An estimated #1 billion is expected to be raised through sales. A quarter of the revenue will be given to Yoko One for her help in compiling the book..