The 'Hard Day's Night' hotel will be based next door to The Cavern Club...

A hotel dedicated to THE BEATLES is being planned for LIVERPOOL city centre.

The hotel, called the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, is set to be built next door to the newly refurbished Cavern Club – the nightclub where The Beatles played many of their earliest gigs in the late 1950’s and early ’60s.

The proposed site is currently a Grade Two listed building and mainly empty. It is anticipated that the Cavern would become the hotel nightclub.


Cavern City Tours manager Steve McGriskin, who is involved with the project, told “Many of the people who come to Liverpool to see the Beatles exhibitions are day-trippers. We want to boost the local economy and turn them into overnight stayers. We’re going to employ an artist from America to paint murals in all the bedrooms according to all the different parts of the Beatles story, from back their original Cavern appearances to Paul McCartney reappearing there back in December.”

However, McGriskin stressed that the hotel was still in the planning process, and was not 100% secure. The project relies on planning approvals, as well as receiving a European grant.

In addition to the themed rooms, Beatles memorabilia will also feature. Initial displays are set to include a Hofner bass, owned and signed by Paul McCartney.