According to a new book, Lennon wanted to throw Paul out of The Quarrymen...

A new book claims JOHN LENNON and PAUL McCARTNEY almost split within weeks of meeting each other, while both were still in the pre-BEATLES band THE QUARRYMEN.

Eric Griffiths, a friend of Lennon who was also a member of The Quarrymen, claims Lennon considered McCartney “precocious”. However, he was talked out of sacking him from the band by Griffiths himself.

According to the Sunday Times newspaper (March 25), Griffiths told Beatles biographer Hunter Davies: “[Paul] was precocious in many ways. Not just in music, but in relating to people…


“I was walking ahead with John. John suddenly said: ‘Let’s split the group, and you and me will start again.’ We could hear Paul behind us, chatting to [fellow Quarryman] Pete [Shotton] as if he was Pete’s best friend. John knew we were all his pals, but now Paul was trying to get in on us. Not to split us up, just make friends with us all. I’m sure that was all it was, but to John it looked as if Paul was trying to take over, dominate the group.

“I said to him: ‘Paul‘s so good. He’ll contribute a lot to the group. We need him with us.’ John said nothing. But after that the subject was never mentioned again.”

Griffiths continued: “I like to think that was my greatest contribution to the history of the Beatles – not letting John chuck Paul out of The Quarrymen.”

Davies is currrenly working on a book on The Quarrymen.

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