First Beatles contract expected to raise up to £250,000 at auction

Sotherby's rock and pop auction will host a heap of rare items

The Beatles first management contract, signed with long-term manager Brian Epstein, is going up for sale at Sotherby’s Rock and Pop auction, and may make as much as £250,000.

The contract was famously agreed despite Paul McCartney annoying Epstein by attending a meeting late as he was taking a bath, and agreed by some of The Beatles’ parents because they were too young to sign legally themselves.

The Sotherby’s auction has a substantial history when it comes to rare and high-priced music memorabilia, as their website outlines:

“Our recent auction highlights have included the autograph manuscript of John Lennon’s lyrics for “A Day in the Life”, (sold for $1,202,500), Mick Jagger’s letters to Marsha Hunt (sold for £187,250), and “You Might Well Ask”, our sale of John Lennon manuscripts and drawings, which was 100% sold for a total of $2.9 million.”

“Last June, Bob Dylan’s autographed manuscript for “Like a Rolling Stone” (sold for $2,045,000) and Elvis Presley’s “Peacock jumpsuit” (sold for $245,000) were highlights of A Rock and Roll History: Presley to Punk at Sotheby’s New York.”


Other features of the auction this month include an Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster, a collection of Andy Warhol designed record covers and a copy of The Beatles ‘Please, Please Me’ signed by all four members of the band.

The auction will take place on September 29 in London, with items available for viewing for four days shortly before the auction takes place.