Ringo Starr’s jacket from The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ film makes £30k at auction

Collectible item sold at auction in Boston, USA

The jacket Beatles drummer Ringo Starr wore in the band’s 1965 film Help has sold at auction for close to £30,000.

The double-breasted black wool jacket made £29,900 at Boston-based RR Auction on Friday (July 24), Billboard report. It is reported that the jacket, which has the name ‘Ringo’ sewn on the inside, went to an unnamed “top rock ‘n’ roll collector in Rhode Island,”

The sale of the Beatles memorabilia was part of a larger auction titled Marvels of Modern Music that closed on Thursday.

See a picture of the jacket below.

Other items sold in the auction included Johnny Ramone’s custom-made Hamer guitar (£32,000); a signed Jimi Hendrix Experience album (£20,000), a signed Janis Joplin photograph(£12,250) and a contract signed by Jim Morrison to appear on American Bandstand (£7,700)

Ringo Starr celebrated his 75th birthday earlier this month (July 7) and received birthday messages from Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono.

Uploading a photo of herself and Starr to Twitter, Oko wrote in a caption: “Happy Birthday, Ringo! And Many, many more. Let us count the ways how we love you… From an old acquaintance, Yoko”.

McCartney sent a tweet simply wishing Ringo “Happy birthday” followed by another pointing out that it would have also been his father’s 113th birthday on the same day. McCartney also sang “Happy Birthday” for Starr at his concert in Norway on July 6.