New species of tarantula named after John Lennon

Bumba lennoni was discovered in Brazil by Beatles-mad research team

A new species of tarantula discovered in Brazil has been named after John Lennon.

As a study in online science journal Zoo Keys reveals, the spider – which was discovered in Brazil’s western Amazonia region by a team of researchers – has been named Bumba lennoni in honour of The Beatles’ late singer.

The arachnid was found by researchers Fernando Perez-Miles, Alexandre Bonaldo and Laura Miglio. They decided on the Lennon-indebted name after discovering that they were all equally passionate fans of the Fab Four.

Recently, it was reported that a guitar once owned by Lennon and used to write The Beatles’ 1966 hit ‘Paperback Writer’ is expected to fetch around £600,000 at auction. The Gretsch 6120 was given to Lennon’s cousin David Birch as a gift in 1967 and will now be auctioned off at Le Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly, London on November 23.

In September, meanwhile, Lennon’s one-time rival Mick Jagger was also honoured by scientists when an extinct water pig was named after him. Associate professor at Wake University Ellen Miller discovered the nine-million-year-old anthracotheres and decided to name it Jaggermeryx naida, which means ‘Jagger’s water nymph’. She later claimed that the creature’s ‘tactile’ lips reminded her of the Rolling Stones frontman.

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