New and immersive ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ event will give the impression The Beatles are playing live

You're such a lovely audience...

Beatles fans are being invited to listen to ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ at an immersive event that aims to give the impression that the Fab Four are performing live.

The pioneering experience, which is set to take place in Liverpool, will present fans with a remixed version of the legendary 1967 album.

The record will be played in Dolby Atmos with speakers being placed around the fans in a bid to transport them to Abbey Road Studios, where the album was recorded.


Producer George Martin’s original tapes have been remixed by his son Giles Martin – who is also a Grammy winning producer.

“Without Liverpool there would be no ‘Sgt Pepper’s’. Liverpool is where it should be,” he told the Liverpool Echo

“People will become fully immersed in a soundscape, which is unlike any other. For me, it’s like imagining falling through the vinyl of a record and and into this world where you’re surrounded by The Beatles.

“It’s like sitting in Abbey Road’s Studio 2 and having The Beatles play for you.”

While the original process of copying the album from vinyl is thought to have deteriorated its sound quality, the special mix is said to bring all the subtleties that were present in the 1967 release.


The event will take place at Liverpool’s Dr. Martin Luther King Building between December 19 and January 9. You can pick up free tickets here. 

Last month, the iconic artwork to ‘Sgt Pepper’s’ was re-imagined by German artist TrippieSteff to feature the faces of Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, Drake and Kanye West.