Bee Gees to be given the freedom of Douglas on Isle Of Man

Brothers Gibb are 'delighted' at move

The Bee Gees are to be given the freedom of their home borough of Douglas on the Isle Of Man.

Robin and Barry Gibb will attend a ceremony at Douglas Town Hall on July 10 to receive the honour. Their late brother and fellow Bee Gee Maurice – who died in 2003 – will also be honoured at the ceremony.

All three members of the band were born on the Isle Of Man, before moving to Manchester and then Australia.

Leader of the council David Christian, who proposed the move, said he has spoken to Robin Gibb to give him the news.

“I haven’t spoken to Barry but I have spoken to Robin and he’s absolutely delighted to have it conferred on them,” Christian told BBC News.

“[There was] no hesitation in accepting and he is looking forward to the event itself.”