The Bee Gees: ‘We might return’

Gibb brothers say they may make a comeback soon

The Bee Gees have said that they might return to the stage after a five-year hiatus.

The band stopped performing under the Bee Gees name when bandmember Maurice Gibb died in 2003.

The two remaining members, Maurice‘s brothers Robin and Barry Gibb, subsequently said they would no longer use the Bee Gees name, but last performed together in Miami 2006.

However, it seems they may have changed their minds. Speaking to BBC News Robin Gibb said he was very much open to a comeback if his brother, Barry Gibb, agreed.

Robin Gibb said: “When or where is to be decided at a time when he says yes.”

He also explained that he was unsure whether the duo would return under the Bee Gees name, saying they were going through a tough time when they decided not to use it anymore.

“We decided that on an emotional level at that point,” he said. “Whether or not that will change, we don’t know. It’s a personal thing and we’ll do it when the time is right.

“So it’s not a no, it’s just emotionally when it’s right.”