A post-mortem reveals the star had a condition called ischemic enteropathy...

A post-mortem has revealed that MAURICE GIBB died because his bowel and small intestine had become so twisted they restricted his blood flow.

The Bee Gees star, 53, died in Miami, Florida, on Sunday (January 12), three days after suffering a heart attack prior to undergoing emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.

Dr Bruce Hyma, the Miami-Dade County medical examiner, says Gibb died because a condition called ischemic enteropathy which restricted the flow of blood to his bowel, according to ananova.

The autopsy, which was performed on Tuesday (January 14), did not give the immediate cause of the twisting, but it says the singer was born with a malformed intestine that experts say could lead to life-threatening kinks.

Dr Jeffrey Raskin, interim chief of gastroenterology at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, says a twisted bowel could cause a lack of blood supply to the organ and an array of other internal problems.

“It can lead to a cardiovascular collapse and possibly could have contributed to the cardiac arrest,” said Dr Raskin, who was not involved in Gibb’s treatment.

“The event itself leads to a bunch of metabolic and potentially infectious cardiovascular things which lead to a death.”