The Big Moon offer online guitar lessons to fans as coronavirus crisis continues

It's their very own School of Rock...

The Big Moon‘s Jules Jackson has said she’ll offer online guitar lessons to fans as the coronavirus crisis continues across the world.

The singer of the London band, who have been forced to postpone their shows, will provide tutorials for £20 – with fans invited to apply via Instagram.

Sharing a photo of herself holding a guitar upside down, Jackson wrote on the band’s Instagram account: “BIG MOON SCHOOL OF ROCK i can play guitar, let me teach you. I can teach u any songs u like, but I know big moon songs better than anyone else on earth. Beginners extremely welcome.

“£20 for a half hour sesh on zoom/skype, all money goes direct to keeping band and crew alive for the forseeable future. Apply for lessons via direct message on insta or twitter and i’ll send the details xx PS – first lesson: this is not how you hold it.”

Fan Neil Walker responded: “Love this idea! I genuinely bought a bass a few days after seeing you all in Nottingham..but six strings may be a bridge too far…I’ve been thinking a lot about the amazing musicians I’ve seen over the last year and how this awful situation will affect them (as well as wondering how I will cope without seeing so much amazing live music) so I sincerely wish you and the band all the best over the next few months. It’s temporary and it will get better.”

The offer comes as independent venues and artists continue to be affected by coronavirus.

Earlier this week, the Music Venue Trust called on the UK government to cancel the Festival Of Britain and use the funding to secure the future of Britain’s grassroots culture amid the coronavirus crisis.

“What we’ve asked is for them to cancel the Festival Of Britain 2022, for which there is already a £122 million culture budget allocated,” Trust CEO Mark Davyd told NME.


A new crowdfunding campaign also allows fans to buy a “virtual pint” in order to support independent venues.

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