The Big Pink member gets naked for Richard Kern photoshoot – video

Akiko Matsuura strips off for Vice's Richard Kern

The Big Pink‘s live drummer and Comanechi player Akiko Matsuura has stripped for a new naked photoshoot/video project by photographer Richard Kern.

Video footage of the project, for which the photographer has traveled around Europe shooting various girls, is available to watch below.

The video is being hosted by


“I sometimes take my top off and stagedive,” Matsuura said when asked if she was comfortable stripping off.

When asked how young people discover sex in her native Japan, she explained: “Friends to friends. I used to go to my cousin’s bedroom. They hid porn magazines. That was like finding treasures. I remember this cartoon, Manga style, and a big cucumber going into [a] pussy. I didn’t know what [it was], I was only five.”