The Big Pink’s Robbie Furze: ‘Why I punched a fan’ – video

'What else was I gonna do? I wasn't gonna have a chat with him,' Furze reasons

The Big Pink‘s Robbie Furze has explained why he punched a fan in the face during a gig on the band’s US tour recently.

The incident – which you can watch by scrolling down now – took place during the band’s gig at Atlanta‘s Masquerade venue on April 3. Furze is seen inviting the heckling fan onstage before punching him to the ground and then carrying on with the set.

Speaking to NME in a video interview at The Great Escape, available to watch on the right of your screen now, Furze explained what happened.


“I’ve never hit anybody in my life. This guy was just ruining it for everyone. It actually looks like I hit him harder than I did,” he said. “I said to him to come onstage and say what he was saying to me from the crowd, and then when he was coming round to the stage I just thought I didn’t really have a chance. What else was I gonna do? I wasn’t going to have a chat with him.”

He added: “So I thought well it was either my fist or my guitar, and I thought ‘Well I don’t wanna damage my guitar’.”

Watch the full interview with Furze on the right now.