The Big Pink: ‘I like our songs but we haven’t really found our feet’

Robbie Furze says the band are unsure of what direction they'll take

The Big Pink have revealed they have no idea what direction their music will take next, admitting they’re “just babies” when it comes to recording.

The band released their debut ‘A Brief History Of Love’ earlier this year, though frontman Robbie Furze admitting they have yet to hone their sound.

“I like our songs but we haven’t really found our feet in terms of direction,” he explained, suggesting that recording sessions for the record were fraught due to time restrictions.

“We had our heads in our hands at times when we were recording the album at Electric Lady in New York,” said Furze, “wondering what we were going to include, going through the list of songs we could use and then whittling it down to 11 at the end.

“We were up against the clock to get the album finished, and a few [songs] just fell by the wayside a little bit.”

The band also told Drowned In Sound that they hope to write a new EP while on tour and release it in an unusual way.

Furze said: “We’re talking about writing an EP while we’re on tour, with all of us contributing various parts, only with a more minimal four-track feel to it. We want to write it on the road, then the second we finish the tour go straight in the studio and record it live to disc, cut it straight onto the record and have it in the shops by nine o’clock the next morning.”

The singer also revealed they’re planning to incorporate more hip-hop-style beats into their sound.

He revealed: “I’ve been listening to a lot of Beastie Boys recently and I’m fascinated by the kind of beats the Wu Tang Clan use too.”