The band and touring partner Jimmy Page want compensation for loss of earnings...

THE BLACK CROWES launched a legal action against insurers LLOYDS OF LONDON in a LOS ANGELES court yesterday (February 28), over last autumn’s cancelled tour.

The band claim that the company failed to compensate them for losses they suffered as a result of a substantial portion of the tour with ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page being cancelled, after Page injured his back at a gig in Albequerque, New Mexico, on August 12.

The tour had kicked off on June 24 in Chicago, and, in addition to European dates suffering, the gigs cancelled also included a co-headlining slot with The Who at New York Madison Square Garden. The set had included Crowes and Zeppelin classics.


The Crowes and Page had taken out an insurance policy to cover any losses, but now claim that they suffered “great financial loss” from missed income and wasted preparation expenses, according to

The Crowes, who this week announced details of their co-headline tour with Oasis – Click here for details – release their new album ‘Lions’ on May 8, which includes contributions from Kelly Jones, Noel Gallagher and Bob Dylan.

Tracklisting for the album is:

‘Midnight from the Inside Out’


‘Come On’


‘No Use Lyin”

‘Losin’ My Mind’

‘Ozone Mama’

‘Greasy Grass River’

‘Soul Singin”

‘Miracle to Me’

‘Young Man, Old Man’

‘Cosmic Friend’

‘Cypress Tree’

‘Lay it All on Me’