His loves, likes, hates, and his fear that the Dallas Cowboys will never win the Superbowl again...

Which song describes you best?

‘Curse Diamond’ by The Black Crowes.”

What is heaven?


“The truth.”

What is hell?

“A lie and Loverboy albums.”

What is your earliest memory?

“Just being in Atlanta and feeling the magic of the city.”

What is your greatest fear?


“That the Dallas Cowboys will never win the Superbowl again.”

Who is your all-time hero?

Mel Brooks. Because besides music, sport and love, humour is the most important thing. I saw him once in LA and I wanted to kiss his feet even though his movies are shit now.”

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?

“I jumped into the audience in Edinburgh once and hit this kid and the crowd turned ugly on me. I’d been on the road for 19 months and was losing my mind and this fucker was throwing coins at me so I leaped three rows and hit him. Actually the guy was kicking my ass until our drummer dived in and saved me.”

Who was the first love of your life?

“Once you fall in love properly it makes all your earlier flings seem insignificant, so it would be Lisa Leonetti, the girl that I’m currently with.”

What is your greatest talent? “I have a photographic memory for songs. I’m a musical sponge and I can remember the words to most songs on AM radio.”

Upon whom would you most like to exact revenge? Why? How?

“My brother Rich, because he’s been asking for it for years. I’d just love to put my boot up his ass.”

What is your most treasured possession?

Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn from Booker T & The MG‘s gave me a blue suede jacket which was his stage jacket when he played with Otis Redding in the ’60s.”

What have you most regretted doing while drunk?

“Fighting, all sorts of rude shit and just hurting people’s feelings. Sometimes people deserve it, though.”

What can you cook?

“I love to cook. I can do a nice Cajun brisket in beer sauce with horseradish.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“You’ll never make it in the music business.”

Can you read music?


If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

“I’d go and see what was up with those Masons. I’d go and hang around their temple and see if they have it as good as I think they do.”

What are your final three wishes?

“That the NBA becomes a quality league so I can watch basketball again, that I don’t have to go another day on this planet without the woman I love, and that when it’s all said and done I would have lived my life without being selfish, without having lied and without having hurt anyone.”