Fans react with delight after The Black Eyed Peas announce hiatus

It seems and co will not be missed

NME.COM readers have reacted with delight at the news that The Black Eyed Peas have announced that they are going on indefinite hiatus.

The ‘My Humps’ group announced their decision during a gig at Alton Towers earlier this week, but also said that they intend to return at some point.

Reaction has been pretty one sided, with NME.COM users celebrating the group’s decision to take a long break.


NME.COM user Martin Thomas Taft said: “Their music was certainly bordering on ‘We have run out of ideas, so lets sample the sound of donkey balls slapping in the wind and make it relevant’. Did I say bordering?”

Andy Burns meanwhile joked: “‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ that this is a good thing! Sorry for the pun guys, it needed to be done.” Stuart Conway agreed and said he hopes their hiatus turns into a proper break up. He said: “Don’t tease us, just say you’re splitting up and you’ll never make any of your awful ‘music’ again! Hopefully N-Dubz next.”

Last week, the group’s singer Fergie said that their appearance in the UK was the “last time we’re going to be in the England for a long time. We want you to know that we love you and thank you for the support you’ve given from the beginning. This isn’t going to be the last time you’ll see us.”

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