The Black Keys: ‘We’re influenced by hip-hop, not the blues’

Band claim it is 'ridiculous to say we play blues music'

The Black Keys have claimed their music is more influenced by hip-hop than the blues.

The Ohio duo bizarrely argued it is “ridiculous to say we play blues music” in an interview with the Independent.

Frontman Dan Auerbach said: “When I listen to our records, I don’t hear blues music.”

Speaking about ‘Next Girl’, a song from their latest album ‘Brothers’, he added: “It’s weird because we ripped off a hip-hop song directly [on that track].”

Auerbach also claimed that the band’s live session players appreciate their musical influences.

“These guys understand where we’re coming from, they love hip-hop, they know that the groove is king. It’s hard to teach people that,” he remarked.

Last year, The Black Keys released a collaboration album under the name BLAKROC.

The self-titled record featured contributions from hip-hop artists such as Raekwon, Wu Tang Clan‘s RZA, Mos Def and Ludacris.