The Black Keys are watched by Arctic Monkeys as they play Glastonbury

Blues duo make their debut at the festival

US blues rock duo The Black Keys were watched by members of Arctic Monkeys when they played their first ever Glastonbury show on the John Peel Stage tonight (June 25).

The Sheffield band’s singer and drummer Alex Turner and Matt Helders watched the band’s performance from the wings.

Paying tribute to the late British DJ the stage was named after, frontman Dan Auerbach said to applause from the crowd that “we didn’t have anything like John Peel in America, so consider yourselves very lucky”.

The duo were joined by an extra keyboardist and guitarist, introduced by Auerbach simply as “some friends” for songs including ‘Everlasting Light’ and ‘Tighten Up’.

The Black Keys played:

‘Thick Freakness’
‘Girl Is On My Mind’
’10am Automatic’
‘Everlasting Light’
‘Next Girl’
‘Too Afraid To Love’
‘Tighten Up’
‘Howlin’ For You’
‘Sinister Kid’
‘She’s Long Gone’
‘Ten Cent Pistol’
‘Your Touch’
‘No Trust’
‘I Got Mine’

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