The Black Keys drummer says music should cost as much as an avocado

Patrick Carney voices criticism of YouTube and advocates 'fair pay' for musicians

The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has become the latest musician to hit out at YouTube for the way it treats and compensates artists, saying that “a song should cost as much as an avocado”.

Earlier this week, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor hit out at the company, claiming that the video website is “built off the back of stolen content”. A YouTube spokesperson later denied Reznor’s remarks.

On Thursday (June 16), Carney took to Twitter to write about YouTube allegedly allowing illegal content to remain online. “Give me five minutes on @youtube and I probably can find 250 songs that are available which the artist isn’t getting paid for,” he wrote. “At least.”

Carney went on to criticise an artist that is affiliated to a streaming service but not speaking out about “fair pay”.

“A song should cost as much as an avocado. They should be traded similarly at least until people discover a similarly thick and savoury fruit,” he concluded.

See his tweets below.

Last year, Patrick Carney hit out at Jack White online after the pair were allegedly involved in an altercation in a bar.