The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach shares guitar secrets – watch

The frontman says he learnt to play by studying Alan Lomax's field recordings of legendary bluesmen

In a new episode of the Noisey series Guitar Moves, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys teaches the show’s host Matt Sweeney how to play slide guitar.

He also shares tricks he learnt from The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Mississippi Fred McDowell. In the show, which you can watch above, Auerbach reveals that he learnt to play guitar from studying original bluesmen on footage recorded by folklorist Alan Lomax. “You know what was great, the Alan Lomax videos of those guys,” he says. “That’s how I learned to play this stuff. I went to the library and I would get the VHS tapes and I would watch. ‘Cos the best way to learn is to watch.”

The Black Keys are currently working on their brand new studio album. The band, who released their seventh album ‘El Camino’ in 2011, have a provisional release date of late 2013. Speaking to Uncut about their plans at the start of the year, Auerbach said: “We’re going to start making the new album in the second week of January and we’re hoping to have it done by some time in March.”

He added: “Then we’re going to take the summer off, which we haven’t done for a while. The record isn’t written yet, we’ll do it when we get into the studio. This is when we both work best, when we’re dying to make an album. All of our records take place in the studio, in that we make stuff up while we’re there.”

In last week’s episode of the Guitar Moves, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme explained that his guitar solos are ‘nonsense’. He said: “Guitar solos to me, should be a really articulate way to make fun of guitar solos. My guitar solos [have] gotten to nonsense and sometimes they sound like nonsense, but they’re played on purpose.”

Homme also spoke about learning guitar tricks off Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and his early influences. He commented: “I grew up listening to early ZZ Top – those records blew my mind. And I listened to Hendrix first and to me Hendrix is the ultimate guitar player. To me there’s two Jimmys: there’s Jimi Hendrix and there’s Jimmy Page.”