The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney changes his name to Justin Bieber on Twitter

The drummer pranks Bielebers as his feud with the pop brat continues

The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney has changed his name to Justin Bieber on Twitter, as his feud with the singer continues.

Last week, Justin Bieber said that Carney needs ‘slapping’ after the drummer criticised his music at the Grammys. Carney reacted to the comment by changing his Twitter, and now claims to be Justin Bieber to antagonise the pop brat’s fans.

Here’s just one of the many Tweets where he claims to be Bieber:

Earlier today (February 17), Carney took the internet hoax one step further by posting a link to the “new world premier” of a Justin Bieber track. However, the link is directed to a YouTube video of DEVO‘s ‘Recombo DNA (demo)’.

Bieber fans have reacted badly to Carney’s name change and they have been bombarding him with insults and negative comments. One fan tweeted, “Justin one joke about u and think it’s ok to hate on Justin for attention???? Your life must be so sad,” while another simply said: “Someone needs to take a pencil and shove it so far up your ass that you can’t walk for months.”

Justin Bieber is yet to comment on Patrick Carney’s new Twitter name. The singer is currently on a European tour.