Black Lips pay tribute to members of The Yellow Dogs killed in shooting

They were "really cool guys and we are gonna miss them" wrote the band following the tragedy which left four dead

The Black Lips have taken to Facebook to express their sadness at the murder of two members of the Brooklyn based band The Yellow Dogs, who were killed late last night (November 10) alongside a friend. The shooter, an acquaintance of the band, then turned the gun on himself.

Writing online, The Black Lips paid tribute to their murdered friends. “Yellow Dogs were really cool guys and we are gonna miss them,” said the group of the band, who played their most recent show on October 23 at the Brooklyn Bowl venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Black Lips wrote:

We are very upset to hear that our friends in the the band yellow dogs were shot and killed in Brooklyn last night.We were first introduced to this band by the great film director Baham Ghobodi in his film No one knows about Persian cats.which showcased the alternative music scene In Tehran. When he heard that the band were in the states under refugee status we reached out to them to play a show with us at Webster hall they did and they were great. They were also nice enough to play our SXSW show case.This band risked there lives to escape Iran. They personally expressed to us how excited they were to be in the U.S where they could freely express them selves as artists. It is particularly sad that they were killed in America a place where they were supposed to have a new beginning. Yellow Dogs were really cool guys and we are gonna miss them. RIP-blacklips

Details are still emerging, but two members of The Yellow Dogs were killed alongside their roommate, before the gunman committed suicide last night (November 10). The New York Post reports that the triple homicide took place in the Bushwick area of the city at around midnight.


Police authorities state that the man used a military style rifle to shoot three people, wound another person and take his own life. The wounded person was standing outside 318 Maujer Street, where members of the band lived. Newspaper reports state that the man “stormed into the building and kept firing off round after round,” and that “the building was filled with spent shells.” Two people were shot on the first floor of the building while the third victim was shot on in his bed on the third floor. Shots were fired at a couple hiding in the bathroom of the property but they were not injured. The man then shot himself on the roof of the building.

The Wall Street Journal claims the shooter was Raefe Akhbar, who The Yellow Dogs’ manager says was a member of another band from Iran and a former acquaintance of the group. His victims were guitarist Soroush Farazmand and drummer Arash Farazmand and their musician and author roommate Ali Eskandarian.

The Yellow Dogs describe themselves as “A Post Punk/Dance Punk band from Tehran/IRAN, living in Brooklyn at the moment,” on their Twitter page. The were reportedly granted asylum in the US in 2010. In 2009 the band were filmed as part of an award-winning documentary, No One Knows About Persian Cats, about music in Tehran.