Director appeals for funds for the Black Lips’ Middle Eastern tour film

The documentary will see the Atlanta band playing with a host of local acts

Film director Bill Cody has appealed for funding for a tour film that will feature the Black Lips on the road in the Middle East.

Using, Cody is seeking $35,000 in order to finance travel and equipment expenses for the film, which will see the Black Lips playing shows across the Middle East with a number of local bands as an example of “cultural bridge builing”. The movie is pitched as “A Hard Day’s Night meets Don’t Look Back“.

Cody, who directed the 1987 music documentary, Athens, GA: Inside-Out, which featured R.E.M and the B-52’s as well as working on 2006’s Two-Headed Cow , which featured Jack White, Neko Case and Cat Power, has written:


“I’m now setting out to make the biggest project I have ever conceived of. A bridge building music event throught [sic] the Middle East featuring the one of the best live acts around, The Black Lips from Atlanta, GA, with help from local acts like Lazzy Lung of Beirut, Lebanon (Esquire magazine’s pic for best band in the middle east and winner of Rolling Stone’s Middle East Battle of the Bands) and other bands from the region.”

He continues: “We will be making stops in Beirut, Lebanon, Amman, Jordan, Cairo, Egypt, Dubai, Cyprus and Iraqi Kuridstan. Playing music, interacting with locals and buildling bridges between cultures. Bringing people together instead of pulling them apart. Peace and understanding.”

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