Black Lips ‘toilet paper’ capacity crowd in Brooklyn

And they say new material is a 'mixture of ODB and Obama'

The Black Lips ‘toilet papered’ the audience yesterday during their show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn, hurling 120 rolls into the capacity crowd during the free afternoon show.

The band headlined the weekly JellyNYC Pool Party at the outdoor pool, after slots from King Khan & HIs Shrines and Deerhunter.

Opening with ‘Lean (I Saw A Ghost)’ the band blasted through an 11-song set, in typical quirky style with guitarist/vocalist Cole Alexander donning a black wig, and a guitar-playing dog.


“Our friend brought his chihuahua onstage and he played the guitar solo on ‘Katrina’”, Alexander told NME.COM after the show. “We had two chickens named Barbecue and Jerk too, but the promoters confiscated them before the show because they were concerned about PETA.”

“We bought the chickens for 14 dollars and food stamps from a Mexican butcher” Alexander continued. “After the show, we saw some people loading out the trucks and gave the chickens to them.”

“It was one of the best shows we ever played” Alexander said “it was a really relaxed atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, The Black Lips are currently working on their brand new album in Atlanta, and have ten songs written so far including one entitled ‘Big Black Baby Jesus Of Today’ which Alexander describes as “a mixture of ODB and Obama – wild and charismatic.”

The Black Lips played:


‘Lean (I Saw A Ghost)’


‘O Katrina!’

‘Bad Kids’

‘Dirty Hands’

‘Sea Of Blasphemy’

‘Cold Hands’

‘Too Much In Love’


‘Veni Vidi Vici’


–By our New York staff.

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