The Blackout’s Sean Smith denies he is taking part in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Frontman shoots down Twitter rumours about his role in the reality show

Sean Smith, frontman of Welsh post-hardcore band The Blackout, has denied rumours that he is set to take part in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The frontman spoke to NME in light of Twitter-based gossip which suggested that the singer would be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight (January 5).

In fact, a case of crossed wires saw a fan tweeting the singer yesterday after it was rumoured that Sean Smith of brother-sister pop duo Same Difference from X Factor 2007 would be taking part in the new series of the Channel 5 show.


“I just tweeted him with ‘shh’ and deleted it straight away, so I guess kids thought that I was made to take it down,” Smith told us. As the band are currently on a break after releasing their third album ‘Hope’ last year and before starting work on their next record, Smith decided to tease his fans and then posted a message at which read: “I guess some of you have realised why the band have taken some downtime”, which he also soon deleted.

Fans on the social networking site then ran with the idea that Smith would be appearing on the show, tweeting him messages of support and surprise. “At first I thought it was stupid that I could possibly be thought of as being on Celebrity Big Brother when I’m not a celebrity, but then it kind of got to me,” said Smith. “I was thinking, ‘I’m in a band, we’ve just finished our biggest tour ever, and there are all these stupid models that go on it, after being in the paper once…’.”

Smith added: “One boy tweeted at me, ‘Good luck! Also, who the fuck are you?’ which I just laughed at! I had quite a lot of love and support from people who like our band for it, but someone also said, ‘I’ve supported the band for six years and if you go into Big Brother, I’ll stop liking the band because of this shameless promotion’.”

The Blackout released their third album, ‘Hope’, last April.