Check out The Blessed Madonna’s EQUAL playlist for International Women’s Day

“Invest in women. That’s the message"

The Blessed Madonna teamed up with Spotify to co-curate a special EQUAL playlist in celebration of International Women’s Day today (Wednesday March 8). Check it out below.

As this month’s Spotify EQUAL UK and Ireland programme ambassador, the DJ’s playlist includes a mixture of rising and established female music-makers – inclyding Eliza Rose, The XX’s Romy Madley Croft, Nia Archives and Shygirl.

“Invest in women. That’s the message,” she said of the playlist. “Invest in women’s music. Invest in women’s use of technology. This is what I want to see.”


She continued: “Women have been working in music since we banged sticks on rocks. So recognising and supporting them in music now isn’t something new, it’s a remembering and charge into the future which will see many more Laurie Andersons if we’re all lucky!!!”

Other EQUAL playlist co-curators celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day include Janelle Monae, Tyla, Lu Kala, and Robinson for their respective regions.

Spotify’s EQUAL playlist’s slogan is to “listen to women at full volume”, and the streaming giant is working on a worldwide campaign that will “champion female creators”.

Bel Aztiria, Global Lead of Social Equity Music Programs at Spotify, explained: “Music has always been on the forefront of social change and when we launched our EQUAL program, we committed to support gender equality year-round.”


In addition to the EQUAL playlists, Spotify is amplifying “the voices of activists, movements, leaders, and the issues they care most passionately about” for the entirety of International Women’s Month via their “Behind The Movement” social media series. Also, they will be making contributions to UN Women and Calling All Crows in the name of gender equality.

In other news, The Blessed Madonna has recently released two singles; the joyful ‘We Still Believe’ with Chicago house producer Jamie Principle and the sultry ‘Shade Of Love’ with South African band The Joy.

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