Singer Mark Morriss reveals new tracks...

THE BLUETONES have nearly finished their third album which is set for release early next year through Superior Quality/ Mercury.

Singer Mark Morriss revealed that the new tracks, recorded at Sawmill Studio in Cornwall, include:

‘Blood Bubble’ ‘Mudslide’ ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’ ‘Zorro’ ‘Last Of The Great Navigators’ ‘Emily’s Pine’ ‘One Speed Gearbox’

The last two songs were debuted at January’s NME Carling Premier shows at London WC2 Astoria.

The follow-up to 1997’s ‘Return To The Last Chance Saloon’ LP is still untitled and the band have yet to decide on a potential single.

Morriss said: “It’s a case of a new album and a new outlook.

“We did that with the last LP by trying something new and people thought we were trying to be rocky. But we were just being a bit noisier. Our new sound is difficult to pin down though.”

Keyboardist Richard Payne, who plays live with the band, has been more involved in writing the new material. Although he is now an official member of the band, he will not be appearing in any new publicity shots.

Mark Morriss said: “He doesn’t want to, but that’s fine ‘cos he’s not the best-looking bloke!”