THE BOYZ unveil cinematic new ‘ROAR’ music video

Their eighth mini-album 'Be Awake' is out now

K-pop boyband THE BOYZ have made a comeback with their eighth mini-album ‘Be Awake’ and a music video for its sultry lead single ‘ROAR’.

On February 20 at 6PM KST, the 11-member boyband returned with a cinematic visual for their brand-new single ‘ROAR’ and the new mini-album ‘Be Awake’.

The new music video begins with the boyband walking along a bridge in single file against a cloudy and darkening sky. Things grow more chaotic throughout the clip, and the members wreak havoc in an empty store while performing the song’s choreography.


Fallen angel is my name / I turned my back on paradise / Only now am I free / Ta ta ta ra ra ta, shall become mine / Keep it coming like that roar,” they sing on the chorus.

In addition to ‘ROAR’, the new record includes five other songs: ‘Awake’, ‘Blah Blah’, ‘Savior’, ‘Horizon’ and ‘Diamond Life’.

THE BOYZ’s new release also marks the official return of members Eric and Sunwoo to the group’s activities. The former had gone on a temporary hiatus in March 2022 and did not participate in their ‘The B-Zone’ world tour and their August 2022 mini-album ‘Be Aware’, while the latter went on hiatus shortly after the release of ‘Be Aware’ last August.

The boyband’s last music release was the fan-dedicated digital single ‘All About You’ in December 2022, which commemorated their debut five years prior. All 11 members participated in the song and its accompanying music video.

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