THE BOYZ say the making of ‘Maverick’ was a “rushed process”

They also described the idea behind 'Maverick' as a "dystopian, powerful vibe"

THE BOYZ have described the production process of their latest single album ‘Maverick’ as a “rushed process”.

The 11-member group spoke about the making of their recently released single album ‘Maverick’, which arrived about three months after their last mini-album ‘Thrill-ing’, during an interview with the South China Morning Post.

“This has been quite a fast and furious ‘thrill ride’,” singer Kevin commented, in reference to ‘Thrill Ride’, the title track of ‘Thrill-ing’. “It’s only been three months since ‘Thrill Ride’ so it’s been a bit of a rushed process.”


Nevertheless, Kevin added that the group has been “excited” to try their hand at brand-new concept, describing the idea behind ‘Maverick’ as a “dystopian, powerful vibe after the bright, cheery summery vibes of ‘Thrill-ing’.”

The group also compared the fast-paced recording process of ‘Maverick’ to their time as participants on the Mnet survival reality series Kingdom: Legendary War. “We did 14 new concepts for Kingdom,” shared Jacob. “People got to see sides to us they had never seen before, so we’re grateful and excited to show a new side of us again through ‘Maverick’.

The boyband previously spoke to NME for the release of ‘Thrill-ing’, sharing that “there’s so many emotions that we associate with it and that we feel while going to one, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.”

Kevin also added that “We had our share of bright and bubbly [concepts] and we had our share of dark and conceptual. I think this album is very bright, but at the same time very witty and tongue-in-cheek”.

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