The Bravery and The Killers bury the hatchet

Brandon Flowers calls to apologise

The Bravery have buried the hatchet with The Killers following a recent apology from singer Brandon Flowers.

The band, who are set to release their second LP ‘The Sun And The Moon’ in 2007, were subject to a series of taunts from Flowers last year – but it now appears though the bands have made up.

Endicott told NME.COM: “He (Flowers) called me out of the blue and apologised. I was in an airport and I didn’t believe that it was him for like, ten minutes. He said ‘I’m really sorry, I’m a jealous person, and I was jerk. I’m sorry.’ And I respect him for it you know, It’s a hard thing to do, to apologise like that.”


The Bravery are set to resume their live shows with a South American tour starting next month. They’re also planning a select number of secret shows in the US.

“On our next tour, we’re going to be doing smaller shows, multiple nights in smaller venues because that’s what it’s about, playing a rock & roll show and having a good time, and the crowd and all that,” said the singer. “It’s not about all the other extraneous bullshit. Now I’m just a much happier person and I enjoy the whole thing a lot more.”

–Filed in New York.

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