The band launch their new single with an instore set before a bunch of devoted fans, including an uncanny lookalike...

The Bravery played their first ever instore show in HMV in LONDON last night (February 28).

The New York band, who release single ‘An Honest Mistake’ this week, played for around 500 fans at the Oxford Street shop before signing records.

“We didn’t really know what do expect, we were told they can be a bit lame,” singer Sam Endicott told NME.COM. “So our plan was to get as drunk as possible, which seemed to work.”

The band admitted they were surprised to see so many supporters had turned up copying their style, and even dedicated ‘No Breaks’ to one fan Endicott declared “looks just like me”.

“I think that kid came to one of our shows before and everyone was like ‘Oh my God he looks just like you’, so I wanted to find him,” said the singer. “I’m going to get my picture taken with him.”

The band’s set was:


’Out Of Line’

’Swollen Summer’

’No Breaks’

’An Honest Mistake’


With the band working the rest of this week to promote their single, including two gigs at Koko in London (March 1-2), they admitted they can’t wait to get out their debut album, which is released on March 14 in the UK and March 29 in America.

“It’s really exciting,” said Endicott of the impending release. “The bulk of this album was done before we did anything, but we’re just been finishing up the last few songs in the last few weeks. We’ve been waiting to get this thing forever, we just can’t wait to get it out – I wish it was out now.”