The Bravery returning with new ‘darker and angrier’ album

New Yorkers announce more details of 'Slow Poison'

The Bravery have said their forthcoming new album ‘Slow Poison’ is “darker and heavier” than their previous efforts.

Frontman Sam Endicott said that he thinks the band’s record, released on November 10 in the US, is still a “party album” that recalls their eponymous 2005 debut despite its darker tone.

“It’s uptempo, fun music, although it does have a range of things,” he told Billboard. “There are slower, dreamy songs, and our bass player [Mike Hindert] wrote a song, [‘She Is So Bendable’], that sounds like a ’50s ballad or something.”


The band wrote much of the album in a disused church in New York, Endicott explained, before heading into the studio in Manhattan with Santigold and Lykke Li producer John Hill, whom Endicott says added a pop element to proceedings.

“He taught us a lot of ways to manipulate synthesizers and guitars in a way that we had never done before, so the album sounds spacier,” he said.

While recording the album, Endicott and Hill wrote and produced several songs for Shakira‘s new album ‘She Wolf’.