’Fearless’ written in aftermath of attack…

The Bravery have revealed that the forthcoming single ‘FEARLESS’ was written in response to the SEPTEMBER 11 attacks.

As New Yorkers the band were directly affected by the terrorist atrocity, and singer Sam Endicott wrote in reaction to the atmosphere that engulfed the city in the weeks that followed.

“We wrote these songs living in New York after September 11,” Endicott told MTV News, “and I deal with depression and anxiety during my life, so it was heightened during that period. It felt like it was engulfing the whole country and everyone I knew. So it’s about trying to deal with it and go on with your life.”

More light-heartedly Endicott added he found the love/ hate reactions The Bravery have been inspiring quite puzzling.

“I remember when The Strokes came out, the backlash had already started. People went from being like, ‘They’re so cool’ to ‘We hate them so much,’ and their album hadn’t even come out yet,” he said. “I don’t understand how people can like a band, love them and then, two months later, when everyone likes it, they hate it.”

Endicott added that he preferred that The Bravery were provoking a reaction negative – most notably with the feud with [a][/a] – or otherwise, than none at all.

“We’re polarising, I know that,” he said. “But I’d rather be hated than be a band where everyone is like, ‘Yeah, they’re OK,’ and then a month later you don’t think about them. There are a lot of bands out there that sound like ringtones, where you hear it and forget about it. We’d rather be a band that some people are going to passionately hate than be a ringtone band.”

’Fearless’ is released on May 23. while the band have announced a new UK and Ireland tour for this autumn.

The dates are:

Southampton Guildhall (November 18)

Birmingham Carling Academy (19)

Manchester Apollo (21)

Glasgow SECC (23)

Dublin Ambassador (25)

Belfast Ulster Hall (26)

London Carling Brixton Academy (28)

For ticket availability, [url=]go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663.