The Bravery reveal second album plans

Two new songs show a

The Bravery have said the new songs they’re playing on the road show a “new side” to the group.

The band are finishing 2006 with a tour of North America with Depeche Mode, and have been playing two new tracks, ‘Angelina’ and ‘Oh Glory’. Guitarist Michael Zakarin told Billboard that it’s not certain the tracks will feature on the follow-up to their debut album, but they explore a different sound.

He said: “These aren’t necessarily for the next album. They’re songs that are kind of finished and are quite different. There’s more backing vocals in those two tracks and they definitely show another side of the band. I think it’s showing where we could potentially go in any direction. So for us, we’ll have to wait and see where we choose to go but I think we’re looking for new angles. Definitely going slightly different and obviously progressing is our main goal.”

The Bravery say they also have 12 other ideas for songs, with a view to going back in to the studio in Spring. The album however, may not be released for another year.