The Bravery announce second album details

It will be released next year

The Bravery are set to release their second album next year.

’The Sun and the Moon’ will be the follow-up to 2005’s debut ’The Bravery’. The album was produced by Pearl Jam cohort Brendan O’Brien.

Speaking to Billboard singer Sam Endicott said that the band wanted to go in a different direction to their electro–influenced debut.

He said : “We did it to death a little bit. We were a little sick of it. We went so synth-crazy that it got a little boring to us.

“It was more like, what does an acoustic piano sound like or what are real organ sounds? That stuff was more exciting to us.”

The album will feature the tracks ’Shapes’, the acoustic, string-backed ’The Ocean’, ’Believe’, ’Bad Sun’, ’Rat In The Walls’ and ’Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear’ which, according to Endicott, sounds “like a weird mix between the (Rolling) Stones and the Ramones”.